Why You Should Never Overdue Penis Enlargement

Some men want to enlarge their penises, especially if they feel the ones they have are too small. Still, a man must know when enough is enough. As they aim to be huge, a great many gentlemen are using intense procedures to make themselves bigger. A few of these procedures, including penis injections and penis enlargement surgery, are quite dangerous, and if you’re not careful with them, you could end up hurting yourself. You could also do irreparable damage to your penis.

When you’re deciding on your new penis size, add but do not go too far. You want to be bigger than you are now, but no so big that you look like a circus animal. Many women get excited by a large penis, but these same women are also turned off by a man who walks like he has a large stick in his pants and appears uncomfortable.

If a man’s penis is exceptionally large, there are some women who will have no interest in sex with the man. This is because of the fear of being hurt. A woman’s vagina is only so big, and this could cause the woman a great deal of pain. Sex is normally not about pain; it is about pleasure. If there is pain involved in the sexual experience; it should not be intense pain that causes actual hurt.

If your penis is too big, you might discover that women do not want to have anal sex with you. This could be an issue if you really enjoy anal sex.

Kiki Daire, an adult film actress and porn star, when questioned about the kind of penises she preferred, she purred that she liked a penis which was large enough to be felt during anal sex, but not so large that it caused her pain.

Most women actually feel the same way about penis size. To some, size doesn’t even matter. If you want to be abnormal, with an abnormally large penis, you will look abnormal and find yourself alone, with fewer sexual partners.